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How to apply for Aadhar PVC card | The Advantages of PVC Aadhaar card


Hello Everyone my name is Biswajit and welcome you all to my Blog. First of all, I like to clarify that in this blog I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Aadhar PVC card with this I will also explain how to apply for an Online Aadhar PVC card. 

As you all know UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India) recently (25 September 2020) opened a service for an online PVC card for Aadhar in which you can easily apply for an Aadhar card.

Specification of PVC Aadhar card

When it comes to specification UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India) provides the best and unique features to the PVC card. It has multicolor as well as multi security features which confirms the originality of the card. 

How to apply for Aadhar PVC card

The Card contains:

1. Secure QR CODE

It has a secure QR code that on scanning reveals your identification like your Name, Gender, DOB (Date of Berth), and your unique 12 digit Aadhar number

2. Hologram

Secondly, It also provides a Hologram which will be placed on the right side of the PVC card. If you move the card then you will see the Aadhar logo which explains the originality of the valuable card.

3. Guilloche Pattern

Guilloche pattern is a decorative technique that is very precise and repetitive on the entire card which is mechanically engraved. This design not only makes the card unique but also provide a beautifulness to the identification PVC card.
You will come across many websites online that provide Aadhar PVC card but you will not able to see this pattern because it is provided only by UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India) which again gives the proof of originality.

4. Ghost Image & Micro Text

 UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India) also provides the ghost version of your image printed on the right side of the card. The card is completely printed with micro texts.

5. Date of Issue/ Print date

It is a new feature added to the card. The date when you issue or the date on which the card is printed is also printed on the which gives the latest updates in your Aadhar data.

Physical Condition

As comes to the Physical condition  UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India) gives the best quality card which is durable i.e doesn't break, Scratch free as well as convenient to carry in a wallet. The card comes in a regular size like an ATM card.

Price of PVC aadhar card

The card is available on the website to order only for 50/- (Inclusive of GST & Speed post charges).

How to order

Ordering is very simple to follow the below steps to order a PVC card for you.

Step 1:  Go to the link.
Step 2:  Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number in the given box followed by the security code.
Step 3: Check the box if you don't have a registered mobile number to your Aadhar or Uncheck. 
Step 4: If your mobile number is registered then UIDAI will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and check the Terms and condition box and proceed further. If not registered enter any mobile number.
Step 5: Now confirm your details (Not for non-registered mobile number users) and press Make the payment.
Step 6: Then it will redirect you to the payment page. You can do payment by cards (Debit card, Credit card, etc..), net banking, UPI.
Step 7: After successful payment download the acknowledgment card.

It will take 10-15 working days to get delivered to your location (depending upon your location).


Finally, I would definitely suggest ordering the card as it is convenient to carry in your wallet like an ATM card. Also, the price is very satisfying. Anyone can order with the simple UI (User Interface) provided by UIDAI (Unique Aadhar Identification Authority of India). 

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