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How to remove Background Noise from Audio or Video in just 3 minutes | Easy Tricks


Background noise is a sound that usually captured while we record audio or video in cameras, mobiles, camcorders, etc. along with our original sound. There are multiple sources of background noises like fans, different types of vehicle sounds, surroundings, etc. To make clear audio we need to remove these background noises completely from our audio or video.

Removing background noise is very easy, in this blog I have discussed free software that removes the entire noise from your audio or video within minutes.

Stepwise methods were discussed below. so if you want to remove background noise from audio or video then continue reading this blog till the end. By the end, you will completely learn the process.

How to remove Background Noise from Audio or Video

The complete steps are in the order as described below

Installing the software in the system

The software we are discussing in this blog is Audacity which is free software available for Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac users. There are a number of software/websites that can remove background noise but you have to pay a huge value for it so Audacity is free software that can be useful for you to edit your audio. Simply search for Audacity in google then browse to the first website displayed on the webpage. You will simply be redirected to the audacity official website. Then tap on the Download button, it will automatically be downloaded to your system. If you are unable to download it then simply click here to download it.

After downloading simply follow the installation steps to install it.  Congratulations on this you completely installed the Audacity application in your system.

Removing Background noise in easy steps

After you completely installed the software in your system now you are good to go for editing your audio clip. It will take less than 3 minutes to remove the background noise.  
Now open the Audacity software in your system.

 Step 1

Upload your audio clip to it by Files->Import and select your audio file. After uploading it will display your audio in waves format. 

Step 2

Select the small noise part that is recorded in the whole clip. Now go to Effects -> Noise reduction and click on the Get noise profile button in the noise reduction tab.  The Get noise profile option simply captures or detects the noise which is present in the whole audio clip.

Step 3

Now select the whole audio clip and again go to Effects -> Noise reduction and let the setting be in default and click on the OK button. After clicking the OK button you can watch a slight difference in the wave format of audio. All the waves in the noise part are now reduced to a straight line.

Step 4

If you still watch some waves in the noise section then simply repeat Step 2 and Step 3 again. Now you can watch a difference in the original and edited clip.

Step 5

Now to save or download your edited audio simply click on Files -> Export and select your output format. After it will ask you for the destination location to save the file.


Congratulation, from here you have successfully removed the background noise from your audio or video clip in just 3 minutes. Audacity has a simple user interface that helps the user to use it in an easy way. If you have any doubts related to the above process then don't hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section below.

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